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We love meeting new people, and the coffee is always on us. Leave your details and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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We have a solid team of professionals, but the glue that binds us is our process which ensures we nail it everytime

  1. 1. Initial Meet

    We’re happy to work around your situation, as long as the venue involves coffee, we’re good – The initial meeting is all about working out what do you believe YOUR CUSTOMER needs to see, how do we meet their needs and in doing so engage them and ensure you get the result you’re looking for. We’re always happy to try to meet your budget, so don’t be shy, if it’s a bit short we’ll let you know, or work to it. We don;t believe in ‘open ended financials’ YOU should know at the get-go, what you’re in for.

  2. 2. Planning / Research

  3. 3. Film

    Our DoP (director of photography) for your shoot will action and oversee ALL filming. With our Director/Writer ensuring we’re across the Story to ensure that the “what it will it look, sound and feel like” questions are answered. For larger projects we will ‘bolt on’ other teams members and specialties to ensure we’re never under or over staffed. We use the latest hardware from, Sony and Canon, but also DJI and Panasonic. Software is Adobe / Cinema 4D / plus a variety of other Apps

  4. 4. Project Handover

    Once we’ve completed filming and Editing we will upload to our client interaction portal in Vimeo for you to appraise the work, make comments and suggest any changes. We allow a Max of Two Edits beyond the initial upload, within the agreed budget, any further edits will be at our hourly rate of $175.00 p/hr