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Events represent 50% of our work and we take this genre very seriously, a great illustration being we have produced New Zealand Fashion Week since 2011. We understand Events and how to make them memorable, just ask our clients

“Well done CreateVideo, once again, proving your teams talent and creative ability – and your dedication to service right up to the wire as we built to the event.”
Greg Ward ( Global Moderator & Congress Programme Consultant)
“It was awesome – everyone loved it! The videos looked sensational on the big screen!”
Reanan Clake (Event Coordinator – The Distributors/Australia)

Teaser Videos

This is a great way to warm your staff up ahead of a conference, get them looking forward to it

Our Clients like this option as it gives the management an opportunity to “stoke the fire” and also throw in tips and ‘need to knows’ that will make the event go smoothly> ideally we keep these short – like a Trailer –

The other way to use the idea is as a combined Teaser and invite – saving cost on print

Opener / Intro Videos

A must have for any conference, to kick proceedings off with a bang and deliver your corporate message

The Opener is a great tool for setting the mood and your agenda for the forthcoming content. A warm up for the crowd to get them acclimated and rev’d up for the festivities ahead. To save cost we normally create a variant of the Teaser, the difference we can deliver some Plot Spoilers to good effect.

Or go the whole hog and produce a retrospective of the years highlights.

Award Shows Videos

Celebrate your Success, but PLEASE no PowerPoint!

If we have a ‘specialty’ its award shows, from hightech bouncing balls, to 70’s retro, all the way to Back to the Future, we’ve done it all.

This example gives you an Opener / Sponsor reel / and Awards

Recording Your Event Videos

Whatever you intend to do with it, get it on Video !

We offer a variety of Video and Photographic Packages. But we’re happy to tailor our services to your needs and budget. Most go for a Photographic and Video Edit of proceedings, ALL to our Super Professional Standards of course.

Vox pops are a great idea, but the real trick is in getting short pertinent responses, our guys are great “people people” so we always get what you need.

Photo/Video Montage Videos

Cost effective and super popular

Its great to get a load of pics taken, but what to do with them for ‘best effect’ we use state of the art motion graphics to produce “aftershow” highlights or hype reels, great for PR and reminding staff and clients what an amazing time they had