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Whatever size company you are, everyone has to get their 'point of difference across - Why should the customer consider you? What makes you so special?

The skill is to engage the viewer without giving away too much. Enough for them to pick up the phone and make contact, or maybe to reassure them if referred. It should be your People who tell the story, face to face still beats what’s on the screen or the written word every time.

Teaser Corporate Videos

The best movie trailer contains absolutley no spoilers, it's all about tantalysing the viewer, leaving them wanting more

If your business is “the movie” then this video is the trailer; it could be An Action Movie – so lot’s of action, fast paced, dynamic, fun, exhilarating or it could be very cool, minimal, spare and simple ‘think Apple’ The choice is yours, but it’s job remains the same, drive the viewer to the call to action.

This could be a wesbite, another video delivering more detail like the Modern Corporate or Traditional Corporate, or maybe a telephone number or a CTA of your own cunning design.

Here’s a fast and furious selection

Modern Corporate Videos

Here's the middle ground, "the Goldilocks" version, so to cut to the chase - just right!

As we’ve explained the purpose of the video is to deliver a message, sometimes this message can get lost because it’s over to fast or get’s bogged down in the detail. We’ve developed a pretty good reputation for achieving the middle ground. We believe that around the 2min mark is optimal for a the more discerning viewer, or for the person tasked with getting to grips with what you’re all about, but who still doesn’t have all day. About the time it takes to get your Toast just right, or your fav barista to make your caffeine fix.

Its normally long on ideas and feel good factor, short on absolute detail, the idea being the website or your staff will be the best route to that level of detail.

We’ve done many, but here are a few of our favourites.

Traditional Corporate Videos

Still a great way to get your brand and corporate ethos across, but at a more relaxed pace and with a little more detail

Fast, Furious and dynamic videos are great to catch the eye and are ideal fodder for the SmartPhone and the “on-the-go” exec. But they are only really the “trailer” to the Movie, they’re great at getting “bums on seats” but it’s the Corporate Video that truly delivers quality content and at a pace that doesn’t make you feel over caffeinated!

So sit back, relax and check these out

Recruitment Video Videos

Convincing potential candidates to choose you

Video is a great tool, to give people an insight into the culture of your organisation and make the difference between securing that ideal candidate and not!